UN-113 Facial Steamer

SKU: UN-113

111 SR

A United Facial Ionic Steam, It makes your skin radiant and more youthful
The facial steam system makes your skin shiny and younger that you can use at home without going to the hairdresser and paying large sums
Works to lighten the pores and remove dust, dirt, revitalize and revitalize the skin
Useful for respiratory patients, asthma, chest, thyroid, bronchial tract, colds and colds
Any odor, oils or herbs can be added or cleansed - cleanses and cleanses the skin
Easy to carry and use Fit for travel due to its small size and light weight
Steam Deep cleaning of the skin - you can remove the heads and black spots of the face
Exfoliation of skin to remove dead cells
Whether nourishing or cleansing and to remove pimples and acne

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