UN-1010 Hair Dryer

SKU: UN-1010W

200 SR

It offers multiple speeds and temperature settings to suit your requirements. In addition to the ThermoProtect, which gives you a constant caring temperature that dries your hair faster, it also features the Ionic Care Mode that provides a frizz free shine. Physical Features Key Features Easy to use and temperature settings for full control 2400 W. This is optimal care for your hair that provides the same powerful airflow for you to acquire the best results in a gentle and caring way. Ionic conditioning employs charged negative ions to exclude static and conditions your hair while smoothening the hair cuticles. This drastically intensifies your hair's shine and glossiness, for a mane that will drive people insane with jealousy. Frozen in Time The United Hair Dryer has a secret weapon up its sleeve that sets it apart from conventional hair dryers. It features the Cool Shot button that is a must have for any professional hair styler. This function

Color: White

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